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Barbara Florio Graham

Help with branding and building your platform, including review of your ad copy and/or promotional materials, and marketing strategies: HERE


Don't sign a book contract without ensuring that the terms are fair, and you aren't going to incur legal costs the publisher should cover. Also make sure you will be protected if the company goes out of business, and other key clauses.

by Simon Teakettle & Barbara Florio Graham
Still only $15. plus postage

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  Tapping Your Innate Creativity
A great way to take an online course this spring or summer. This online tutorial offers 8 lessons in a flexible schedule to allow for busy times or holidays. Start any time, reading a lecture a week containing the latest information on how the brain works, with engaging assignments and individual feedback from an award-winning author, teacher and mentor. Just $250.

You are such a teacher/mentor/encourager/optimist that it oozes out of you. 
You see possibility everywhere.
(Elizabeth Atherton-Reid, Edmonton, Albertacommenting on this tutorial)

Prose to Go: Tales from a Private List, now available in all e-book formats: E-book version just $4.99 (for the Kobo, Nook, Kindle, and other devices as well as in PDF format)

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individual stories
that can be read at one sitting

Five Fast Steps to 
Low-Cost Publicity




20th anniversary edition of
Five Fast Steps to BETTER Writing


COURSES based on this book



for Writers, for Entrepreneurs,
for Authors who want to publish,
for copyright information,
for information on creativity,
as well as FACTS about the world,
history, inventions, animals, cats, and more.

       Only Words Endure   



        If fifty million people say a foolish thing,
                     it is still a foolish thing. 
                         (Anatole France)

    You can't always judge by appearances:  
    the early bird may have been up all night.

  The loser tries to change the wind;
the winner changes the sail.

The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of great moral crisis,
maintain their neutrality. 


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Five Fast Steps to BETTER Writing

Tapping Your
Innate Creativity

Five Fast Steps to
Low-Cost Publicity

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