1. My Cat Capsized My Career

             This humorous talk describes how the original Simon Teakettle, an ordinary black cat adopted in 1972, soon became famous by being mentioned on many CBC radio programs. He also wrote for a local weekly paper, a children's magazine, and for CATS Magazine, and appeared as the “centrefold” in a cat calendar. His celebrity grew when he was succeeded by Simon Teakettle II, and continues with Simon Teakettle III, called “Terzo” (which is Italian for “third”).
             Meanwhile, Barbara Florio Graham had to juggle her own writing and consulting career with the cat's growing popularity. Some of this story was featured on Animal Planet in 2002, after he founded his own publishing company by co-authoring a book. He then brought out subsequent editions of Florio Graham's first two books.
             Although this is a humorous talk, it also contains nuggets of wisdom about how to promote a book or a business, one of the serious topics Barbara has spoken on over the years, and the subject of her second book, Five Fast Steps to Low-Cost Publicity.
             This is ideal as a light-hearted after-lunch or after-dinner speech, to groups of all types and ages, including seniors.

2. Creative Coping Skills

             Many individuals face challenges from situations they can't change. This presentation features many elements from Tapping Your Innate Creativity, a popular workshop which Barbara has presented to national and international conferences in North America and abroad. She will combine creative solutions for handling the unexpected at home or at work, offering innovative ideas, practical suggestions, and effective methods, none of which involve purchasing any program or product.   
             This talk includes stories of many ordinary people who learned how to cope with the kinds of things many of us encounter.  Barbara is not a psychologist, but began a Masters' degree in Psychology before moving to Canada, and continued to study this subject on her own.
             The testimonials on her website point to how valuable her advice has been, whether to owners of small businesses, authors, those seeking a boost to their energy and creativity, or others.
             For example, Barbara Maria Silbermann, of Augsburg, Germany, said: I wish I could bottle Barbara and open her at work each Monday, while Ramona Marek, of Vancouver, Washington, said: Thank you so very much for your support, words of wisdom and encouragement. It was your words that gave me strength. A million thank yous.
             Retired psychologist Elizabeth Atherton-Reid said: I am very grateful I found you and took your course. It has helped my writing, and your interest and support since then is wonderful for me. I imagine you have people all over the world who appreciate your mentoring. Your optimistic and encouraging attitude is a gift to me and I'm sure has been a gift to scores of other people throughout your life.

BIO: Barbara Florio Graham


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