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The years may have gone by but the memories linger.

Best-selling authors, Mark Kearney & Randy Ray (The Trivia Guys)
will certainly have another best-seller in this, their 10th compilation.

Based on interviews with musicians, managers, producers and promoters - and just in time for Canada’s 150th birthday – it’s an inside look at the trials and triumphs, good times and bad encountered by Canadian performers, including many who hit the big time internationally.

Including many web links with current information, several also connect to YouTube videos that show the performers belting out their hit songs. Most are accompanied by photographs.

These 150 stories cover 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s performers such as Lighthouse, The Diamonds, The Four Lads, The Stampeders, Streetheart, Bobby Curtola, Lucille Starr, The Five Man Electrical Band, Ken Tobias, Charity Brown, A Foot In Cold Water, The Cooper Brothers, Steppenwolf, Susan Jacks, Edward Bear, Fludd, Ian Thomas, Skylark, The Townsmen and Prism. 

Soldiers in Fur and Feathers: 
The Animals that Served in WWI – Allied Forces 
by Susan Bulanda, Alpine Publications, 
ISBN 978-57779-154-6, 108 pgs, $15.95 
to order an autographed copy go to


Many people do not know that WWI was a transitional war where armies were switching from animal power to mechanization.

Soldiers in Fur and Feathers: The Animals that Served in World War I – Allied Forces is about the animals that were involved in WWI.

Some of the animals that officially served were horses, mules, donkeys, oxen, camels, dogs and pigeons. But the animals that were kept as mascots are truly mind boggling. One soldier had a golden eagle that was tame and would let people pet him.

There were goats, cats, geese, dogs, and just about anything that could travel with a soldier. The mascots were often left at base, but if possible, traveled with the soldiers into the trenches or out to sea. Today we know about the therapeutic value of animals, and although it was not officially recognized, so did the soldiers who kept pets with them during the war. One cat mascot named Pitoutchi saved her owner’s life while in the trenches.

What is often forgotten today, are the pigeons that were often the sole means of communication and the only hope for survival during WWI. How gallantly they served, often completing their mission severely wounded. Cher Ami is one of the most famous pigeons that served.

The book includes rare accounts and photos. 


Movers and Mavericks of Thunder Bay is the first in a series of profiles written by Superior Scribes.

Seven authors wrote the 22 chapters. They include:

Lorna Olson
William Hryb
Maureen Arges Nadin
Marianne Jones
Ron Chepesiuk
Elle Andra-Warner
Peter Fergus-Moore

Two of the authors of this readable anthology are members of Bobbi's Private List (which produced Prose to Go: Tales from a Private List. Elle Andra-Warner also has another book on this page (scroll down).

Movers and Mavericks is available in several locations in Thunder Bay, including Chapters/Indigo, and from River Rocks Publishing.

Justice Miscarried: 
Inside False Convictions
in Canada

by Helena Katz

Behind the proud façade of Canada’s criminal justice system lie the shattered lives of the people unjustly caught within its web. Justice Miscarried tells the heartwrenching stories of twelve innocent Canadians, including David Milgaard, Donald Marshall, Guy Paul Morin, Clayton Johnson, William Mullins-Johnson, and Thomas Sophonow, who were wrongly convicted and the errors in the nation’s justice system that changed their lives forever.

Katz researched this book in the course of obtaining her degree in criminology. She is also the author of several young-adult titles covering people and events in Canadian history.

Published by Dundurn Press.

Other Books by Helena Katz:  (for young adults and adult readers)
       The Mad Trapper: The Incredible Tale of a Famous Canadian Manhunt  (Altitude Publishing, 2004). This is the incredible story of Canada’s largest manhunt. Hundreds of men spent 7 weeks tracking the elusive Albert Johnson for 240 kilometres across the frozen North. By the time he was caught and killed, he had seriously wounded two of his pursuers and murdered a third one. The identity of Albert Johnson, the Mad Trapper of Rat River, remains a mystery to this day.

        Gang Wars: Blood and Guts on the Streets of Early New York  (Altitude Publishing, 2005). Throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the streets of New York were overrun with a succession of brutal gangs. For nearly 100 years, these gangs terrorized Lower Manhattan, doling out violence with bludgeons, pistols, fists, and teeth. Whether members of the city's early gangs were striving for power, out for revenge, or seeking riches, their activities almost always resulted in bloody warfare and horrific loss of life.

David Thompson: A Life of Adventure and Discovery, by  Elle Andra-Warner. Part of the Amazing Stories series from Heritage House Publishing this book follows David Thompson's 28 years of exploring and mapping the unchartered wilds of North America. By 1812, he had surveyed over three million kilometres -- one-fifth of the continent -- and become the first European to navigate the entire length of the Columbia River.  Andra-Warner follows Thompson from his early years with the Hudson's Bay Company through his amazing accomplishments with the North West Company to his later struggle to claim his legacy. Surveyor, map-maker, fur trader and entrepreneur, Thompson left a wealth of detail about the country in his journals and spent two years creating a map so accurate and detailed that it was the basis of many Canadian government maps for the next century. This is the exciting life story of one of the greatest geographers of all time.


Valerie Knowles' collection of heroes in local history is successful for its brief, sparkling trips into the lives of a host of engaging Ottawa characters, as well as a journey through their eyes, into one of those quirky places that are at the same time cities and capitals.

John Taylor, Prof. Emeritus, History, Carleton University, author of Ottawa: An Illustrated History calls Capital Lives a book to delight a reader anywhere who finds human animals the natural quarry of the historian, as well as a reader who ponders the places shaped by them.

Grete Hale says: Three cheers  to Valerie Knowles for the marvelous array of former Ottawa citizens she has brilliantly unveiled to us in these snapshot vignettes of their lives.

Many of these profiles have been published in Forever Young.

Published by Cacouna Books, both volumes I and II are available at Ottawa bookstores. 

Knowles is also the author of book-length profiles of Canadian historial figures, such as William Van Horne.

Railway Titan tracks Van Horne's epic career from the age of eleven, when he was a self-taught telegraph operator, to his final international business transactions in the weeks before his death at the age of seventy-two.

Valerie Knowles brings the personality behind the legendary business magnate to life. She chronicles his love of family and practical jokes as well as his passionate interests in food, art, graphic design, and geology — each of which, she illustrates, informed and shaped his business development decisions for the Canadian Pacific Railway in significant ways.

The description above was taken from a review by Deborah Morrison, Publsher, President and CEO of Canada's History Society and of Canada's History (formerly The Beaver).

This book is the latest volume in the Quest series of biographies of significant Canadians. published by Dundurn Press.

Mary Majka is one of Canada’s great pioneering environmentalists. She is best known as a television host, a conservationist, and a driving force behind the internationally acclaimed Marys Point Western Hemispheric Shorebird Reserve on the Bay of Fundy.

Sanctuary gives full expressing to the intensely personal story of Mary’s life. A daughter of privilege, a survivor of World War II Poland, an architect of dreams, Mary Majka became passionately intent on protecting fragile spaces and species for generations to come.

In this amazing story of determination and foresight,  Deborah Carr reveals a complex, indomitable, thoroughly human being — flawed yet feisty, inspiring and inspired.

Trade Paperback: 260 pages

Publisher: Goose Lane Editions