Love cats? Read these!

by Marci Kladnik, Catalyst for Cats Board Member

As a columnist, I do a lot of reading about cats. In the course of research I have found these wonderful books worthy of plugging, many by award-winning authors.

Cat Confessions by Allia Zobel Nolan—A fun little book filled with great photos and cat “confessions.” You can’t be angry at the three little kittens as they fess up, “We lick the salt off the potato chips when Mommy has company.”

Catscapades—True Cat Tales by Patricia L. Fry—A delightful collection of stories about unique feline friends. Local (Ojai) author takes us on her journey of becoming what she feared most, a Cat Lady like her grandmother.

Complete Kitten Care by Amy D. Shojai—A true treasure of a reference book. Packed with everything from where and how to choose a kitten to health and behavioral information, even seasoned pet owners will discover answers to questions found nowhere else.

Conquering the Food Chain by Stacy Mantle—A truly heartwarming collection of stories from a multispecies household. “Living in harmony” has many innuendos! Also be sure to check out Stacy’s fun fact-filled website for “all things pets.”

Dear Sparkle: Advice from One Cat to Another (No Humans) by Sparkle the Designer Cat, edited by Janiss Garza—Full of purrfect advice for the savvy human who reads it, the advice-column format covers everything from the best scratching posts to loneliness issues from a cat’s viewpoint. It offers not only the “what” but answers the “why.”

Lessons in Stalking—Adjusting to Life With Cats by Dena Harris—The story of a couple experiencing the joys and challenges of cat ownership for the first time. With chapters like Jingle Ball Horrors and The Creature Under The Fridge, if you are a cat owner, you will relate.

Mewsings/Musings by Simon Teakettle and Barbara Florio Graham—Printed in flip-book style, with Simon’s cat “Mewsings” on one side and Barbara’s “Musings” on the other, this book will keep you enthralled. The two authors are witty arch rivals, sharing a typewriter and living quarters. It leaves the reader begging for more.

My Teachers Wear Fur Coats by Susan Mack and Natalia Krawetz—Reike for animals? Why not? This book resonated with me so much that I have begun my own journey into this ancient practice. Purrhaps you will too.

Reflexology For Cats by Jackie Segers—Complete with paw, ear and face maps, this how-to book leads you through steps of healing and wellness for your pet in an easy-to-read manner. Also included are lessons on acupressure, moxibustion, natural extracts, craniosacral therapy, Holistic Pulsing and Reiki

Tatianna: Tales and Teachings of My Feline Friend by Linda A. Mohr—A touching true story of unselfish love and acceptance that only a pet can bestow from kittenhood through illness and on into death. For anyone who has loved and lost a pet, this book will help you heal.

The Adventures of Sir Goblin: The Feline Knight by Barbara E. Moss—Set in Medieval Europe, this plucky, lucky cat encounters seven adventures that would make any knight proud. Beautifully illustrated and a wonderful read for young adults.

The Cat Lover’s Book of Days by Peg Sillway—If you have two hours or only five minutes to read each day, keep this book handy. Filled with a plethora of fun facts, photos, felines of the famous and more, each of the 366 days (includes February 29th) offers up something of interest to any cat-lover.

The Littlest Christmas Kitten by Leona Novy Jackson—Never too soon to shop for Christmas, this delightful picture book weaves a magical tale about a little lost kitten in a Bethlehem stable on Christmas Eve. It’s sure to become a family favorite.

They Had Me At Meow by Rosie Sorenson—A must read for anyone wondering why we TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) and feed feral cats. Who knows, you may find yourself in the cat food aisle at the grocery store and you don’t even own a cat...yet. Be sure to read the Q & A section at the end.

Marci Kladnik is a board member of Catalyst for Cats, a Santa Barbara County nonprofit organization dedicated to the welfare of feral cats. For more information, call 685-1563 or visit