Simon Teakettle Ink

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SPECIAL THANKS to Pete Calkins from Web Express
Color graphics for Mewsings/Musings created by Nancy Boland
SPECIAL EFFECT GRAPHICS courtesy of  PhotoFunia

Assistance provided by Mike O'Reilly,,
and by Debra Hulley, Donald Foss, Brian Thomson, Jack Saltus,
Richard Morochove, Steve Pridgeon, John Watson.

Portrait photographer: Jacqueline Vincent. 
Videographer:  Diana Lester.

Photos by Barbara Florio Graham
 Additional photos by Donald Foss, Carm Cole, Steve Pridgeon, Debra Hulley, 
Shannon Lee Mannion, Theresa Jobateh, Rob Kearley, Aimee Britten, Lorna Olson.

Photography Assistants:  Simon, Laura, James and Rose Marie Quesnel


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BIO:  Barbara Florio Graham