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Barbara Florio Graham


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Are you  considering SELF-PUBLISHING a book?

Barbara Florio Graham can provide advice, support, and guidance through the process. Tap her expertise to make the process easier.

Bobbi will also give you an honest opinion about whether your book is viable, or if you should consider taking the tradition route of finding an agent and a "trade" publisher.

A month of two of mentoring at the very beginning can keep you from making the most obvious mistakes. Understand your target audience before you begin; have a publicity strategy in place before you invest your time or your money.

Self-publishers will learn if their proposed book is marketable, how to ensure its success, how to cut costs, and how to generate sales in advance of publication.


A word about Book Shepherds:  

I'm one of Dan Poynter's Book Shepherds, listed on his website at Para Publishing, and in his monthly newsletter, Publishing Poynters, along with a carefully selected list of other publishing consultants Dan trusts.
We each have our own specific strengths and specialties, so it's wise to contact more than one to find the right "fit." Canadian authors often select me because I live in Canada, and know the market and resources here. If you live in the western U.S., you might choose Patricia Fry, or if you're in Australia or New Zealand, Maria Carlton would be an excellent person to help you.

When you contact a publishing consultant, check their website carefully, and make sure they have substantial  credentials and a solid track record. Patricia and Maria both stand up to this scrutiny, which is why I recommend them. 

You need to describe your book project, tell the consultant where you are in the process (is the book finished? has it been edited? have you considered/tried a trade publisher?) and then articulate your goals, so your "Shepherd" can determine if she can help you.

Be prepared to pay for this service. We all have different rates, so inquire about that and find a service that suits your needs and your budget.

I'm now offering extensive notes from the sold-out workshop I gave in April, 2008, called How to Promote Your Book or Your Business. These notes are available as an inexpensive add-on for purchasers of Five Fast Steps to Low-Cost Publicity

You may want to purchase this package first, so you will have the basics and can then spend your mentoring dollars asking specific questions.

Mentoring is a deductible business expense. The cost is $75 per hour, in three-hour segments, payable in advance.  There is an initial $250 set-up fee, which allows me to familarize myself with your book project, open a file and set aside time for you.  I log each hour you use (based on the time it takes me to read and respond to your e-mail and any attachments you send), and I am very flexible about spreading mentoring over more than a month, if you start to act on my suggestions and need a few weeks to implement these before you return to me with further questions or direction. 

CONTACT BOBBI  to discuss whether this will work for you. Complete confidentiality is assured.

Here are some testimonials:

Barbara Graham has been working with me for almost a year.  I chose Barbara because of her expertise. She has taught me many valuable tools and helped me to create my own website  Barbara has worked with me in all aspects of writing, publishing and promoting my books and website.  These tools I continue to use.  Barbara has helped me polish Brian: A New Beginning.  I am working on 1924 Wembley Rodeo.  Barbara has been an invaluable help and resource.  Her knowledge and expertise in all the areas of writing, producing and marketing are tremendous. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants help in any area of their writing. Thank you Barbara.                                  (Wanda Thompson, Cardston, Alberta

Barbara Florio Graham's mentoring was crucial to my self-publishing venture. Her breadth of knowledge and comprehensive advice enabled me to avoid mistakes, frustration and wasted time. She answered all my questions, big and small, promptly and helpfully. I found her guidance to be extremely good value for the money. If you're a beginner to self-publishing, you can't afford *not* to have her help!
                 Kathleen Hamilton - http://www.parfumnouveau.com

A word of thanks for your timely insights, observations, and suggestions for the finishing touches on my book, Empowering College Women, Strategies for Campus relationships. The formatting and cover ideas were right on target. As a new author/publisher, exposure to your objectivity and editing acumen were very important. Your suggestions were to the point, well reasoned and had quite an impact on the final look and feel of the book. Nice work! ...  Your marketing ideas were priceless!  ...  Working with you is an easy, fruitful experience.
         Gratefully, Frederic E. Becker Jr.(Rick) -

Authors need not walk alone in their journey of self-publishing. Barbara Florio Graham will be there to guide and nurture you to success. She has proven to be one of the most valuable people during my first experience of self-publishing.   (Heather Resnick,   author of   Women Reworked:   Empowering Women in Employment Transition

Bobbi Graham - with inspiration from Simon Teakettle - edited both non-fiction and fiction for me, dealing with the micro of sentence structure and the macro of book organization.  She also guided me in a self-publishing venture with publicity material and  press releases.  She did it all kindly, promptly, competently and at very reasonable cost.   (Dr. Cynthia Carver, Lanark, Ontario)

I imagine you have people all over the world who appreciate your mentoring. Your optimistic and encouraging attitude is a gift to me and I'm sure has been a gift to scores of other people throughout your life.   
           (Elizabeth Atherton-Reid,  psychologist and columnist)

I still remember, and profit from, my sessions with you.  (Marta Felber,

You have the gift of inspiring energy and enthusiasm.   (Dr. Wendy DiRodio,  California)