Alice in Wonderland
another Virtual Musical Production
Plenty of Paws & a Flurry of Feathers,
Terzo's MEWSical Society

Director:  Simon Teakettle III (Terzo)



Orchestral Accompaniment:
The Rock Cats


   Alice:  Willow Atherton

   The White Rabbit:
Jacob Stowe

The Mad Hatter: 
Stanley Haskins

Alice's understudy:
Aimee Arden


Lady Dinah, Alice's Cat:  
Lily Fry

The March Hare: 
Gabby Mohd

The White Queen:
Tulip Adams

The Red Queen: 
Natasha Lennick

The Duchess:  
Omaste Nichols

Knave of Hearts:
Sammy Olson

Queen of Hearts:
Musetta Simon

The Cheshire Cat:
Bailey Russo

The Jabberwocky:
Seren Shojai

The Dodo Bird:
Mrs. Doyle Pridgeon

Tweedledum & Tweedledee:
Pookie & Touffus Hamilton

Bill the Lizard:
Romeo Moss

The Doormouse:
Socks Miles

The Caterpillar: Roxy Dale

The Frog Footman:
Sineady Zobel

The Mock Turtle:
Tigger Foss

The Gryphon:
Niblet Foss

(plays a variety of characters,
including Mouse, Puppy, Eaglet, Duck) 
Max Fry


Two Courtiers,
who also participate in
the chess game:
Domino & Merlin Wilde

Two Courtiers:
who also participate in
the chess game:
Yoda & Jorge Jacobson

A Flower Face:
Miss Noha Hagenguth
(packing for the tour)

A Flower Face:
Matisse Segers


Female Understudy
(for all three Queens & Duchess):
Aragon Card

Staging of fight scenes,
along with direction for
The Mad Hatter's Tea Party
and the Lobster Quadrille:
John Koensgen 

Musical Arrangements:



Male Understudy
Nemo Kladnik
(stretching and vocalizing)

Tempe Katz-Couvrette
(checking her files)

Catering Director 
Molly Davis


 Set Designer: Johnny Denny
(a bit overwhelmed by the challenge)


Rabbit Advisor:
Bungie Quesnel


Travel Coordinator:
Sanchez Katz-Couvrette

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NOTE:  The Mad Hatter illustration  is from the original by the late Sir John Tenniel.