If you are a WRITER who  needs help with a specific project, Barbara Florio Graham can provide tips about how to organize your material, how to break through "writer's block," and point you to resources for research, editing, and marketing. Her expertise can save you time and speed up the process.

Mentoring does NOT include editing, review of more than 1000 words per week, or specific markets.

Bobbi is often hired by an author who isn't sure how to publish a book. She can advise him or her if the book should go to an agent (and point out how to do that), help write a book proposal, or advise whether this book is suitable for a small publisher, one of the few reputable print-on-demand firms, or self-publishing.

The set-up fee allows Barbara to  review your project, evaluate your plans and discuss these with you before proceeding.

All mentoring and consulting takes place via email, which allows Barbara to find resources to help you, suggest strategies, send you attached files and URLs, etc.

Shojai Mentoring Award

from the
Cat Writers' Association
Barbara Florio Graham



$75 per hour, payable in advance, 
three hour minimum,
plus an initial $250 set-up fee. 

Email us (BFG @

and we'll tell you
where to mail your check/cheque.

from satisfied clients 

I log each hour you use (based on the time it takes me to read and respond to your e-mail and any attachments you send), and I am very flexible about spreading mentoring over more than a month, if you start to act on my suggestions and need a few weeks to implement these before you return to me with further questions or direction.  

Two of my colleagues in the U.S. charge far more for this type of mentoring. Peter Bowerman's fee is $125 an hour, while John Kremer charges $3000 a month for access to his expertise via phone and e-mail.

If you are an AUTHOR,  published or not-yet-published, who needs help with MARKETING, Barbara Florio Graham can help.

You direct the process, asking specific questions and requesting specific resources.

It's often wise to begin the marketing process before your book is finished, so you can ask for help deciding what promotional materials you need and how to create them.

If you already have these in place, Barbara will evaluate your promotional materials, and help you create any that are missing, help you target key media, and suggest other marketing strategies, depending on your target audience.

The set-up fee allows Barbara to  review your book. She will look carefully at the cover, the back cover blurb, read the first chapter and skim the rest, perhaps asking you questions along the way.

The more you can send electronically, the better. If you don't have the entire book in ebook or PDF format,
you can send the first chapter as a Word doc, and the cover as a JPEG attachment.

Coaching in Media Techniques

Mentoring for Self-Publishers

Among the 45 writers I have mentored since 1995,  one wanted to make the transition from writing articles to writing books, one needed to know if her poetry was ready for publication, one was trying to organize many years of research in preparation for writing a biography, several others had many ideas for articles but wanted advice on how to focus on one subject at a time and slant their work for specific markets.

Several have come to me at the beginning of the process of writing a book, and I've helped one set up a website and then go on to write and publish her first book. Another has used my help to direct the research and writing of her book, and another author was looking for help selecting a cover, preparing a back cover and "front matter," and then promoting the book.

This is a short-term commitment to help you get something specific off the ground, whether you're a beginner just starting out or an experienced freelancer who wants to move in a different direction.

For your feedback, your ideas, your brilliance, for sharing all the amazing things you have with me, I thank you!  (read longer testimonial on Testimonials Page)   Chris Higgins 

Barbara Florio Graham played a key role in helping me get established an an author ten years and 29 books ago. And she went from being a mentor to a friend a long time ago. 
Ann Douglas, parenting expert and creator of The Mother of All Books series.

Barbara Florio Graham is a delight to work with.  She is knowledgeable, efficient, organized and very insightful.  I have learned the value of listening to and following her comments, critiques (always given gently) and observations.  If I had not been mentored by Barbara, I do not know where I would be.  Her belief in me and my first book, her suggestions, contacts and everything she has offered me have been inspirational.  Because of her competence, I am well on my way to seeing this book go forward.  I think any writer who contracts with her will succeed, because Barbara has a real expertise and offers this so enthusiastically.  Future authors, you will be in good hands!  I will be eternally grateful to you, Barbara, for your efforts on my behalf. 
                        Susan Taylor-Davidson (

Barbara has a remarkable depth of knowledge and experience, so much so that it was a no-brainer to hire her to review my work. She's provided me with invaluable mentoring for my books in both print and digital versions. Such expertise is a rare find.   Richard Bercuson, Ottawa, Ontario (

Barbara Graham worked with me for almost a year.  I chose Barbara because of her expertise. She  taught me many valuable tools and helped me to create my own website  Barbara has worked with me in all aspects of writing, publishing and promoting my books and website.  These tools I continue to use.  Barbara has helped me polish Brian: A New Beginning.  I am working on 1924 Wembley Rodeo.  Barbara has been an invaluable help and resource.  Her knowledge and expertise in all the areas of writing, producing and marketing are tremendous. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants help in any area of their writing. Thank you Barbara.    (Wanda Thompson, Lethbridge, Alberta

While I continue to research and write my book, it is a comfort to know that Bobbi Graham is available for professional consultation. She is a fount of publishing knowledge, and she is always at the ready whenever questions arise. As I make my way through this fast-changing and often confusing industry, I am pleased that I have the support and experience of Bobbi Graham on my side.
                                 (Victoria Ridley, author of Turning Keys: The Doors 1965-1971)

Thank you again for a great and extremely informative three weeks. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor.    (Brenda Hubbard,  August,  2005)  

I selected Barbara Graham to edit and organize my manuscript, and it was one of the best decisions I
 ever made. She provided me with written feedback and suggestions, including advice on how to improve
my visual images by using better or different word selections. She also helped me write a very professional synopsis, pitch, and a treatment along with a  book proposal. It was something I could not have put together without her assistance. Barbara's consulting and writing  expertise and professional feedback has given
me knowledge that will assist me in any future projects. I would encourage anyone who needs literary advice to seek the professional help of Barbara Graham.  
              (Bill Webb,  author of Where Cold Winds Blow and Rita & Raymond's Arctic Adventure)

As a direct result of taking the Time Management Course I now use my limited time more effectively
in all aspects of my life.       (Hope Spencer, Comox, B.C.)

Barbara runs a fine writing workshop that helped me become more creative when I write. Her book, 
"Five Fast Steps to Better Writing" sits close at hand whenever I need a refresher.   
                                                                 (Luigi Benetton,  computer coach and corporate freelancer)



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