Plenty of Paws and a Flurry of  Feathers
 a unique musical group led by  Simon Teakettle III (Terzo)


SNOW WHITE and the 


Peter Pan, based on the book by J. M. Barrie,
published in 1911, produced on Broadway, made into a classic Disney film
and also a full-length feature.

Nat the Brat Lennick
as Captain Hook
trying to decide how to attach
this particular hook to her paw

Sadie Katz-Couvrette as Nana,
the Great Pyranees protector
of the alpacas and llama who make up
the in Camelid Chorus
(who lives with Society member
 Tenpe Katz Couvrette in the NWT.

Lily Fry as Tinker Bell

Nemo Kladnik as Michael Darling

Tigger Foss as Peter Pan,
shown here (on the right) urging 
one of his Lost Boys to get up and
help fight off the pirates.

Aimee Arden as Wendy,
keeping a watchful eye
on the Understudy for brother Michael

Mrs. Doyle, the perfect Pirate Parrot

 Max Fry as John Darling

Bigfoot  Stowe

a natural to play the


ready to snap at
Captain Hook
from his home
 Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania



Stanley Haskins
vocalizing in New York City
in prepartion for his role as
Chief Pirate Smee.

    Kali Holm, above, and brother
    Keiran Holm, looking fierce in Minnesota
    as they prepare for their roles as Pirates.


Seren Shojai, Sherman, Texas
Leader of the Pirate Chorus

Cujo Dunn, Oak Harbor, Washington
a bearded Pirate (whose real name is Raspittin)

And at the left, Emerson Fry
a pirate ready to attack
from his perch on a farm in
Astorville, Ontario


As with our first Virtual Production, we have enlisted John Koensgen, Artistic Director of New Theatre of Ottawa and much-acclaimed actor, director and fight choreographer, to whip the Pirates into shape. John has acted in 50 productions at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.

NEXUS, world-famous Canadian percussion group, will once again help us with both musical scores.

SNOW WHITE and the Seven Dwarfs

    Tulip Adams as Snow White

      (photo by Rob Kearley)

Sisko Lester, Kanata, Ontario,
in his best pose as Grumpy.



Sineady (pronounced Shhh-ah-naid-di) Zobel
is our Sneezy

She lives in Norwalk, Connecticut,
with her pals,
MacDuff and Angela.
She's called The Fraidy Cat,
so could also have played Bashful.

    Big Bertha Reardon

      as the Ugly Stepmother

      Tyler Coxon as Sleepy

    Willow Atherton-Reid as Happy, deciding that a beard would allow her to pose as a male:

Bailey Russo, plays Doc at home in Montana,
where she lives with two Big Dogs and a Horse!

We're missing the last dwarf,
because nobody would admit to being